My Story

Since 2006 I have been licensed in cosmetology and aesthetics. After unsuccessful dermatologist recommended acne treatments I chose a more holistic approach towards skin care. I performed natural skin care treatments at an acupuncture clinic where I learned the importance of balancing hormones, stress, and how to help calm down allergies with diet and supplements. I then became a certified yoga instructor after discovering yoga could naturally reduce my anxiety and panic attacks. Learning and teaching yoga showed me methods to manage stress and how stress impacts overall health.


In 2018 I completed the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute Certification to learn health rebalancing protocols and read lab test results to help those with chronic health issues. I personally found relief from the protocols I learned, and was able to resolve a lot of my root cause problems that were still lingering. The bio individual protocols are a functional and integrated medicine approach that promotes de-stressing which allows the body to heal and perform optimally.

Image by Cody Board

My Approach

Every service includes a consultation to better serve your needs reach your goals.

For integrative health services, I do protocols that are needed to help rebalance your body using a combination of functional and Eastern based medicines. I also help with skin and hair care needs with an integrative health approach.

I also include additional services such as private yoga sessions. If you are someone who is struggling to find a yoga class that works for you, I offer private one on ones. Everyone has a different approach to yoga. If you have special needs or a beginner, we can take some time to make some basic yoga sequences and alternatives to postures that fits your body’s needs.

We all have very individual lifestyle needs, and I’m willing to work at a pace for you to accomplish your wellness goal and be well.